When Metal Meets Earth: Taman Hayat & Kal Akkara Collaboration


Taman Hayat and Kal Akkara found ourselves to have more than one thing in common. As brands built by artisans, we both share the ambition to elevate lifestyle with handcrafted creations.

On this occasion, we are proud to announce Taman Hayat’s partnership with the jewelry maker, Kal Akkara in this special collection. Soon we will launch our 12 pieces of exclusive planters that are adorned with carefully crafted silver jewelry.

Kal Akkara is a craftsmanship force to be reckoned with. We draw inspiration from Indonesian culture and rich historical roots. Kal Akkara is known for silver-based unique jewelry with intricate details and meaningful philosophy. In this article, we want to share some insights and good-feels from our conversation (Taman Hayat’s Kharis and Kal Akkara’s Mada) about crafts, culture, and of course, gardening.



Before we begin, we’re going to give you a little preview of Kal Akkara’s craftsmanship philosophy!

Mada: As a craftsman, I believe that enjoying the process and patience are very important. Every touch is an identity we attach to a creation that we pass on to others. We do our work with sincerity and we take a break whenever we need to recalibrate.

Do you mind sharing about your choice of materials and why you use them?

Mada: Most of our products are made from precious metals, especially silver. This is mainly because silver has a unique oxidation level where after some time it will darken and accentuates the details of the products. In terms of color, the neutral tones of this metal also make it a versatile option for formal or casual accessories, therefore many people are attracted to it.

The best way to get to know a brand is through its hero product, what’s yours?

Mada: One of the creations I am most proud of is the “Zuzu Bangle” because of its unique design and the long brainstorming process to create it. It was very satisfying to finish that product.

The “Zuzu Bangle” is inspired by “Tola Gasa” a big bangle from Nias that are made from big seashell. Adopting the framework and sturdiness of Tola Gasa, the Zuzu Bangle has a double triangle feature with an opening in the middle that separates the two triangles. If seen on the tip of the bangle, you can see that Zuzu Bangle has the profile of two mountains side-by-side.

Long story short, we both fell in love with each other’s values of artisan and craftsmanship. It’s satisfying to finally be able to collaborate on this project after a long time planning. Aside from the undeniably pleasing look, these planters are designed to elevate the planter pottery craft and create a unique home for our beloved plants. There are a lot of thoughts we put into this particular work that we discuss in the next bit of questions.



Why we decided to start this collaboration

Kharis: We have been thinking about collaborating for a while now. From my part, I think I’ve always been impressed by Kal Akkara’s attention to detail. Ultimately, we’re just curious about what we can create together.

Mada: Same here, we are impressed by how each of Taman Hayat’s products has a one-of-a-kind character. Secondly, I always feel like both of our creations share the same vibe. I think that one could say that Taman Hayat’s creations have this rough and ethnic style. It’s exciting to think that there are many possible outcomes to our collaboration. So we went for it!

Knowing that, what did you imagine the results of this collab would be?

Mada: As I said, we had many ideas just by imagining this collab. We have never combined the two materials (earth and metal) before as one pottery product. We wanted to create something truly unique and perhaps even become a pioneer in this.

How did the process begin?

Kharis: I think because of the newness in this concept, we also put a lot of considerations into how we want to combine the two materials. We don’t want them to be forced. We want to strike a balance where both the plant and planter can be equally enjoyed.

We made sure that everything from the application technique, shapes, placements to colors are all balanced.



Elevating local crafts

Local arts and crafts, although having high-quality products, are yet to be considered as the first options of luxury items. With our roles as creators of crafts, we think it’s important to make a contribution to the world of local arts. At this particular time, we think starting with what we do best–making planters–is the right path to our vision of elevated local craftsmanship.

At the same time, it has been Taman Hayat’s long-term goal to elevate the green and gardening lifestyle to create a wonderful experience for pottery and plant lovers. Having this collection as an addition to our existing planters helps us accommodate more interests of our green-loving friends.

Tell us a little about Kal Akkara’s views on local culture

Mada: Kal Akkara is founded in 2016 and since then we have been focusing on handcrafts based on metal. The majority of our creations are inspired by Indonesian culture but are reinterpreted to more modern forms.

‘Kal’ or rocks represents strong and durable creations while ‘Akar’ or root represents the rich history and culture that inspire us. 

What are our goals for this collection?

Kharis: To give higher appreciation to plants and also to create something new.

Mada: I agree, and on my side, I want to show that accessories are not only meant for human beings but can also be used on inanimate objects.

What are our hopes for people who will purchase these planters?

Kharis: For me, it’s as simple as to make those people satisfied to see their favorite plants in this collaboration collection.

Mada: I hope they can enjoy this collaboration and find new inspirations. It’s exciting to see people’s reactions to this collab since this is the first time that I work with pottery. I hope I’ll be able to see how the materials evolve, how the silver and cotton we worked with evolving with the pottery.



Pairing planters and plants

We believe that every plant has its own identity. We pair pots and plants not just because it is practical and eye-pleasing, instead, a good pairing is reuniting each individual plant with their true and best identities.

Have you ever paired planters and plants but they don’t seem to fit right? If you have, you are most likely aware that some plants don’t belong just anywhere.

Just like how grown plants require bigger planters to live in, we think that plants with special places in our hearts also deserve a special medium to grow in. Although shelter, water, and soil have kept them alive, your efforts to bring the best version of your plants and appreciation to their existence are what keep them growing in a meaningful way.

Still, reading? Of course, we wouldn’t let you read this far without a little gift. Come and listen to our two playlists by Kharis and Mada, you might just make these your gardening tunes.

Mada: I find the songs in this playlist encouraging and the mood is perfect to accompany me on a working day, especially when I reach a roadblock on a project.

As an artist, sometimes our moods aren’t good enough to continue on a project, that’s where these songs come in, to restore the mood. Aside from that, some of the songs here can help control your working phase, some songs are made for a relaxed mood and some give you a push.

Kharis: I’m sharing this playlist because I like the neutral nuance to it. I play these songs when I tend to my garden or when I’m creating something. It’s good for when we need to focus or recalibrate.

Some thoughts on gardening?

Mada: Gardening to me is relaxing and refreshing. Every time I water the plants or pick drying leaves, I feel satisfied. A great way to help me out of feeling stuck or to quiet my mind.

There are more than just beautiful pieces in this collaborative collection. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do, and give the collection a look at Taman Hayat’s Shop.