Playlist #01: Zone Out, Tune In, with Taman Hayat


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Working to the sounds of music can bring about a certain sense. Perhaps this is why we listen to music while doing virtually anything. Tuning in is a force of habit. As many of you might share mutual thoughts about music, we link this playlist for you who want to tune in while gardening or just zoning out to enjoy the surroundings.


Songs in this volume of our playlist are some of Indra’s favorites, one of the founders of Taman Hayat. These are the tunes he listens to while doing some home gardening or merely enjoying and observing our plants on our balcony.

Interestingly, Indra believes that gardening while listening to music is not always about boosting a happy mood. More often, it evokes reflections: When a plant grows healthy, we become grateful and rejoice. But when a plant is unhealthy or even dying, we must remain grateful and remember that we humans plant, but The Creator grows. 



“When a plant grows healthy, we become grateful and rejoice. But when a plant is unhealthy or even dying, we must remain grateful and remember that we humans plant, but The Creator grows.”



Well, this turned out to be a deep conversation! But that is, without exaggeration, how deep our relationship with plants is. They have brought remarkable impacts to our lives. And we hope they teach you many things as well.


What is home gardening to you?

Home gardening to me is a hobby, how I spend my free time. But beyond that, gardening is a rewarding activity, especially psychologically. I believe some of us find intangible benefits through a series of planning and processes, as well as learning about beauty or unbeauty.


What do you mean by unbeauty?

Sometimes reality doesn’t meet our expectations. Sometimes we tend to our plant well, but they shed, dry, fall, or simply fail. It’s all part of the lessons from gardening.


What do you think about when you garden?

Gardening makes me wonder. Gardening is when my imagination runs freely. I think about the plants, their habitats, how they come to be. Just blissful wondering.


How much learning can you get from gardening?

A lot. It teaches me to enjoy the process. Live in the moment. There’s a time for everything and we have to accept when things don’t match our expectations or fail. Failure is temporary. Gardening teaches me to let go.


What and when is the best part and best time of gardening?

The best part is observing, seeing plants change gradually day by day and noticing the big or small differences. Of course, repotting, pruning, pairing will always be an enjoyable part of the process. In the morning, I enjoy the warmth of the morning sun as I do my home gardening routine. 

However, there is no particular time I prefer for gardening. I garden any time from midnight to daylight, whenever I feel the need or urge to tend to my plants.


Do you think gardening is for everyone? Including urban people?

I think gardening is accessible for everyone. Anyone can do it. However, everything comes back to the individuals. Gardening requires patience that not everyone has. Some people simply have other interests they’re occupied with.


Any message about home gardening from an enthusiast? How do you motivate home gardeners not to give up?

There’s no such thing as failure in gardening, it’s all in the process. Just don’t give up and keep learning. A huge part of the process is observing and building an intimate relationship with your plants. Don’t be hasty.

You can start small with 1-2 plants. You can start a garden anywhere, space is not an issue. Some people might want to have an outdoor garden but gardening in small spaces is more than possible. There’s always a solution for gardening challenges.



Lastly, why did you choose this playlist?

I think it has nice tunes that make perfect companions for moments of observation and contemplation during gardening.