Celebrating Love: Taman Hayat and Oltjikko Valentine’s Day Collection


For Valentine’s Day this year, we are partnering with a brand that puts poetic beauty, charm, and handmade art at the center of their identity, Oltjikko. 


“Inspired by the charm of a sculpture, not just a decoration but to inhabit a space that can be touched and felt through its textures and form.”

The name ‘Oltjikko’ should ring a bell if you love plant arrangements, art, and inspiration-packed brands. You will find yourself fascinated by their deeply eye-pleasing, intricate pieces showcased in various platforms, collaborations, and features. Drop by their Instagram @oltjikko for a look.


To commemorate this really special collaboration, Taman Hayat sat down with the founder of Oltjikko for a short chat about this collection.

TH: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Oltjikko: Arranging flowers, for others with love.

TH: What’s different about this Val’s Day collection? Any specific concept? 

Oltjikko: Celebrating our love of plants with Taman Hayat. 

Reciprocally, Taman Hayat, as a collective, couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate love than to showcase our love of plants. We created limited edition pieces to pair with flower arrangements by Oltjikko. 

To go with these handmade crafts, we offer custom handwritten notes to those who order these pieces. Each order is one-of-a-kind, with human-touched details that differentiate each planter and arrangement from others. This echoes Oltjikko’s principle to create and sell products with its flaws that show the natural process of making.


Certainly, a collection like this comes with a unique creation process. In a short but sweet manner, we discussed what went on behind the scenes.

TH: Other than flowers, what usually becomes your main inspiration while creating your craft? 

Oltjikko: Inspired by the charm of a sculpture, not just a decoration but to inhabit a space that can be touched and felt through its textures and form.

TH: Tell us a bit about how you preserve your plants.

Oltjikko: We hang the flowers upside down!

To create the beautiful pieces that Oltjikko has been gracing the world with, surely the brand has its techniques, research, and musings. But one thing we all have in common is how music is present in the background of our best days and ideas. To close off this article, Oltjikko shared a Valentine playlist they love.

Music, they said, is what made them dance in the rain.

Enjoy this playlist on your Spotify!

P.S. This collection is now sold out. Stay tuned for more collaborations with Oltjikko and other brands you love.