Toss in, store, lift, and move — Thor’s 23L Round Container offers the flexibility needed for gears and knick knacks of various sizes. The tall build is favorable for longer-shaped items and our favorite feature, the grippy and painless handles, let you move around as you do your gardening magic!

Thor is a resilient, reliable, and functional storage. Shapes and materials are designed to allow product to be dragged with minimum pain on products and users when transporting. Built to be sturdy, grip-friendly, and with secure lids, Thor’s products are essential for your toolset.

Size dimensions (mm) : W385×D335×H387
Capacity : 23L
Material : Polypropylene

Contact us via WhatsApp (Taman Hayat Admin +6281385975746) or email [email protected] for bulk orders, same day/instant delivery, and items from 22-75L

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