A Lookbook: The Exploration of 2023


Quarter 1: The Exploration Began

Commencing the year 2023, we made our intention to journey the extent of creativity we are able to explore. We play with details, texture, and colors, creating pieces that become an experience, not just an object.



01. Our year began with Nitik. A simple art that’s created that upon closer look tells a story of patience. The collection is a manifestation of artisanal technique and tenacity.



02. The Genesis collection is a correspondence with nature. We were inspired by the Japanese tradition of stone gazing where the natural qualities of stones are put on a pedestal. As a two-piece combination of podium and planter, Genesis is also a milestone in our product variety.



03. In innovating, we often look to the past. When creating the Nautilus Rvmp collection we attempted to emulate the rich-layered texture of the protective nautilus shells.



04. Nearing the end of the first quarter, we immerse ourselves in exploration itself. The Explorers is an embodiment of the act of seeking, embellished with lines and hooks that represent the journey and the destination.

Quarter 2: Shining a Light on Plants

The second quarter is full of thoughts and admiration directed to nature. We basked in the greatness of the sun and contemplated the stories of our friends’ journeys in nature. Our crafts mimicked this behavior by emphasizing the natural look of plants and toning down external embellishments. 



05. We started this quarter with Resonance Planters. This collection was mainly inspired by functionality and the aspiration to shelter big-sized plants in a classically pleasing outlook.



06. Following this came the special collection: Mata Planters, where looking for inspiration was taken as the literal form of eyes. The collection boasts distinctive textures and palpable hard work of hands. Our potters’ artistry was both seen and felt.



07. Diving further into the warm mid-year, our workshop produced the Figur Planters. This collection offers simplicity that can be enjoyed by plants of various sizes as the designs are made to shine a spotlight on plants.




08. Tagu and Sigma Planters were launched in tandem, complementary to each other with the two flavors of intricacies they each bring. Both the rich texture of Tagu and the detailed simplicity of Sigma were designed while keeping in mind how they present plants – concluding a quarter’s collections that shine a spotlight on plants.

Quarter 3: Finding New Perspectives

Quarter three is a journey of looking inside and outside ourselves to find novelty in the things we see everyday. We look into nature, history, culture, and even other crafts to compose these ideas.




09. Sentinel Planters reminiscenced of our purpose to complement the beauty of plants in simple and dignified planter designs. We played with shapes and colors that are versatile for decorative purposes.




10. The Ancient Observer is an expressive form of pottery that amplifies the beauty of nature. This collection reflects how we searched between time and space for inspiration and found pleasing figures and structures.



11. Padanan is a collection that represents the many of our values: collaboration, functionality, and facilitating plant growth in urban spaces. Our collaboration with fellow artisan, WOF Wooden, has helped urban growers face the challenges of fitting plants into indoor spaces.



12. Penjor Planters are results of rich cultural imagination. How Balinese folklore portrays the battle between good and evil gave inspiration to the unique, dragon-like figure of penjor. As a part of the Heritage Collection, Penjor truly shows how we are privileged with the inheritance from those before us.

Quarter 4: Ending the Year on A High Note

The last quarter of 2023 is where we look at different directions of time and space to get inspired. There’s no one bucket to categorize our Q4 releases. This end of year, we turn every remainder of inspirations to new inspiring pieces.

13. The Orbit Series is inspired by nature beyond earth. Texture, shapes, and figures were inspired by circular lines that surround the sun. We see plants and planters share a similar relation as celestial objects that gravitate towards one another.

14. The closer we are to the festive season, we come to appreciate simplicity as we gaze away from the vibrant world we also love. The Sora Planters’ display details that imbue effortlessness while allowing plants’ natural beauty to shine through.


15. The Chandra Collection returns this year as we almost completed another year around the sun. The planters that are inspired by tree barks are still a compelling classic, enticing plant lovers to texturize their urban gardens similar to the surface of nature.

16. Collaboration with Nareswari is a special gift in the year-end season. The process of combining our Essential Planters with the intricate nerikomi technique by the talented local artist, Nareswari.We bring together other perspectives to appreciate the inspirations from the earth. These creations are made with utmost patience and an extremely detailed human touch.