It’s Finally Here… The Launch of Taman Hayat Website

June 11, 2018 • Taman Hayat News

It is finally here, a project that we have been working on for almost a year, a project of our idealism. It is a dedicated platform that enables us to showcase the finest collections of our own. The plants that we admire because of their extraordinary looks and way of lives; the planters that we built and selected especially to strengthen the personality of them plants. Now they are available for you to purchase. 

Yes, we completely remember we told some of you that our website would be launched in October last year, or in March this year. And it didn’t happen. You know, things sometimes do not go as planned.

Some of you might wonder, why does it get postponed? Well, perfection is unattainable and building this exciting project with all the small details while simultaneously establishing a kick-starter organisation with a relatively young team was ambitious. We’ve been working on several projects other than the website and apparently the website preparations have been crazy too. From studying about the plants, inventing new designs, building prototypes, and moving it into production… We’ve been working on it tirelessly! Oh and not to mention the hurdles we faced while developing the website itself. All the small details! While the wait has been long, we believe it has been worth it.

Our first collection is mainly stirred by the original habitat of the plants we selected. When we learned about their natural environments, we were in awe. Most of them grow in areas where very little else grow. For instance, Dorstenia gigas could literally grow in the cracks of the cliff. Lophophora williamsii flourishes in the driest and stoniest desert. Fockea edulis even grows in rocky slopes. We were in love with their extraordinary process of survival. It has become our greatest source of inspiration, and so the planters. (For your information, they are very limited in stocks and might not be produced in the next Taman Hayat’s collection.)

Additionally, we are also thrilled to announce that we’ll also be sharing any information or inspiration that we gathered around plants on this platform. Hence hit us a message anytime if you want us to discuss about a particular plant-related-topic. Make sure it’s an interesting one, guys!

Last but not least, a big thank you for your patience during the long wait while this platform was designed, built, and delivered. Thank you for those who have been waiting patiently for our products to be launched. Thank you for your endless supports. You motivated us, Taman Hayat, to keep doing better especially in spreading the seeds of #SurelyGreenIsGood practices. 

With love,

Taman Hayat Crews

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