Greenhouse Tour: The Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

March 30,  2019 • Inspiration

Words and Photos by Monica Fernandez 

It was an early Christmas gift we rewarded ourselves. 🙂 It was our very first experience visiting a domed conservatory, and we were so very excited! I mean, can you imagine how exotic it was for the tropical citizens like us to see and touch some of the strangest and most inaccessible plants from all corners of the earth gathered in one place? We couldn’t hold our excitement!

Get A Free Admission to the Flower Dome

The iconic Supertrees and outdoor gardens of Gardens by the Bay are open for free to visitors. However, admission fees do apply for entry to the two Domed Conservatories (the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest), which will cost $28/adult. Luckily for us, we got our complimentary access to the Flower Dome by dining at the POLLEN Terrace, a charming restaurant with lush botanical view inside the garden that served delicious French-Mediterranean food. Thanks to our beloved Singaporean client who shared the trick; it was definitely worth it! 

POLLEN Restaurant 

The Flower Dome

Our hearts began to thump and our hands to shake a little in our delight and excitement. It was a charming climatically controlled greenhouse, overflowing with rare and interesting plants. The space was so alive with texture, fragrance, colour, and captivating forms that created a sensory experience for all observers! It was so magical to feel the power of nature transporting you to another place, being so far removed visually and ecologically from the lush tropical greenery. We were stunned by the immense wealth of shapes and colours presented by the oddities, especially seeing the same plants we treated back at home yet in way bigger size! I chuckled to myself.

Beautiful Textures of Bottle Trees

There were moments where Indra and I just stared at one plant for a long time wondering that our plant collection would get this big someday! So exciting! Being in this place certainly reminded us on how we love our job and how the plants have transformed us to be the best version of ourselves. They taught us a lot of things; we felt contented and grateful.

Our afternoon stroll was very relaxing that we went away in high spirits. It was such a natural relief from the hurriedness of the city. We definitely recommend you to make a visit to the Flower Dome if you are a big fan of bizarre plants like we are! It’s certainly worth every penny as the glasshouse offers you a wide variety of the most queer-looking plants, from the bottle forms to other strong succulents such as the Chypostemma, the Pachypodium, the Fockea… and many other hardy exotics, cacti, and succulents that we wouldn’t be able to mention one by one! The feeling to see all your favourite plants in one place was so indescribable. Their oddities and beauties surely never fail to inspire us.

The Caudiciform Plants

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